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eessis® Bonded Broadband enables all businesses throughout the UK to combine their ADSL lines together to achieve two, three or four times the speed of a single DSL line. With ADSL 2+ the lines can simply and easily deliver up to 80 Mbps.

Many businesses rely on an Internet connection. A connection with guaranteed uptime is not always cost effective. eessis® bridges the gap between a typical DSL or cable connection and expensive leased lines. This allows businesses to take advantage of greater uptime, resiliency, and reliability… and save money in the process. For a remote video broadcast crew, video conferencing or VOIP, the increased reliability provided by eessis® is an extremely cost effective solution which produces a professional end result. Businesses that rely on off-site employees to complete mission critical work will find eessis® provides the required reliability.

Bonded Broadband Scotland

Whilst the majority of us will have to wait for fibre optic broadband, we can utilise our existing internet connections by bonding lines together. This process is simple and costs considerably less than installing a leased line solution.

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The following Bonded Broadband packages are available, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific requirements not mentioned in the package description;

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eessis® Bonded Broadband Glasgow Scotland

* Subject to fair use policy (currently flags above 600Gb per month)

30 day money back guarantee!

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