eessis® BT Leased Lines

BT Leased Lines Broadband

Feature name Description Explanation
Pricing Call our specialist sales team or use the enquiry form We will tailor the service to meet your specific business needs
Contract term 1, 3 & 5 year contracts Free standard connection on 3 or 5 year contracts
Service Level Agreement (SLA) 100% availability target at all times In the unlikely event of your BT connection failing to meet our targets, we will credit your account
Router Managed Cisco router with proactive alarm monitoring included in the price High specification router supporting industry leading SLA. Wires only option also available.
Domain Name Included - administration fee is included in connection fee Note: registration fee is extra
Primary DNS Primary DNS - up to 10 domain names free, subsequent names chargeable You can supply and use your own
Secondary DNS Secondary DNS - up to 250 domain names free, subsequent names chargeable You can supply and use your own
Static routed IP addresses Included - as many as you reasonably require You can supply and use your own
Proactive DOS Mitigation Available as an optional security enhancement Maximises the effectiveness of your online connectivity under Denial of Service attack
Resilience options Range of resilience options available
Including Failover, Load balancing and Disaster Recovery. BGP4 only available on 2M + access speeds
Provides dual routes from your
Premises to the Internet, which helps to protect against certain failure scenarios
Cleanfeed Internet Watch Foundation managed blacklist filter of illegal content Available as standard, with option to opt-out


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eessis® BT Leased Lines

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