EESSIS Data Security

Securing precious data is a key concern of businesses today. Is your data secured? We will identify weak spots in your system’s setup and instigate any measures required to secure your data. EESSIS can provide your business with the following services:

  • A comprehensive audit of hardware and software security, including licensing
  • Security Policy assessment
  • Advice on legal obligations under the Data Protection Act
  • Advice on staff awareness & responsibilities
  • Data Encryption Deployment
  • Backup verification and encryption protection
  • Disaster Prevention

We can also supply, install and configure the correct internet security package to work effectively with your own particular system and workforce. All this of course is included in our managed support package (EMITS)

eessis® provide rapid response, professionalism and overall an excellent support experience. Let us prove our ability and bring that “Breath of fresh air” to your business!

Data Security Services

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