Why should my company invest in a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

DRP provides an extensive, detailed recovery procedure taking into account all possible eventualities which could cause systems to fail or data to be lost, together with a clearly defined step by step path towards successful recovery.

EESSIS® DRP Implementation Process

  • Business Impact: Analyse and document disaster impact on resource and revenue loss
  • Management Support: Identify senior management that will support and oversee the DRP project and apply roles
  • System and Business Inventory: Gather system models, s/n, software licenses, vendor support, energy supplier details, staff contact details etc.
  • Alternate Working Premises: Assign various local venues as temporary office premises and identify resource required
  • Risk Assessment (RA): Identify internal and external business risks and associated costs
  • Identify Resource: Identify internal and external resource available to deal with specific risks
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s): Compile SOP’s for each identified risk and include an unidentified risk procedure
  • Standard Escalation Procedures (SEP’s): Create SOP specific SEP and overall SEP’s
  • Resource Escalation Procedures(REP’s): Compile available resource for an unpredicted SOP affect
  • Notification Escalation Procedures(NEP’s): Identify when and what resource to use for SEP’s
  • Procedure Test Analysis: Test and analyse DRP under controlled conditions
  • Revise DRP: Log every system, business and environment change and initiate associated updates to DRP

Disaster Prevention (DP)

  • Server Environment Assessment: Identify gaps in security (CCTV, access, firewalls, anti-virus etc) - temperature and humidity assessment
  • System Life-Cycle: Assess realistic life expectancy for hardware
  • Key Staff Assessment: Assess staff awareness towards security and instigate any training required
  • Data Protection: Assess data protection compliance under the Data Protection Act. This is a legal requirement should hardware containing customer data falls into the wrong hands
  • Fault Tolerance: Assess RAID systems, power redundancy, multiple storage adapters etc
  • System Backup and Backup Verification: Assess backup procedures including verification and restore testing
  • Workstation and Portable PC backup: Assess “Portables” backup procedures (frequently overlooked)
  • Recovery Disks: Assess periodic ASR disk creation
  • Boot Disks: Although no longer essential creating boot disks adds one more method of recovery
  • Secure offsite replication
  • Recovery Drives: Utilise any unused SCSI drives and configure as recovery drives

As every DRP is unique the lead-time to completion is on average 10 - 20 weeks (frequently considerably longer depending on project size). On completion your company will receive the final format in the form of hard copies, CD copies and an up-to-date “always available” online copy. DRP content will be clearly presented using basic flowcharts outlining every step required to successfully restore business systems and data – each chart will point to the associated section within the DRP.

DRP implementation is just the beginning of a long-term commitment. Any changes to your business that reflect on your DRP’s effectiveness must be reviewed on a regular basis. Using our own CMS software, we can perform a quick and accurate update to your DRP version. All amendments will be delivered as updates clearly stating the sections to amend. Full updated versions will be supplied on the CD and online.

We provide professional DRP consultation across all levels of business and provide secure offsite storage for data replication and data archiving. Our standard DRP is inclusive within the managed support package (EMITS).

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) insured up to £1M

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