Secure Online Data Storage


Secure, fast and reliable Online Storage for all your business or important data. The new eessis® Online Storage service is designed to provide companies and individuals with a simple-to-use, safe and affordable solution for off-site data storage.

Fast, reliable Storage

Using our state-of-the-art data centres, and taking advantage of Fasthosts’ Data Center on Demand (DCoD), you can upload copies of your business-critical data, or important personal files fast. These are stored safely and securely in our Online Storage service, ready for you to access them, from wherever you wish.

Add Online Storage

Drag the slider to adjust the storage space you require.

Easy Access

With 3 different ways of uploading and downloading your files, you'll find it one of the easiest ways to store your files in an off-site location, protecting them from accidental deletion or corruption. You can access the Online Storage space by:

Drive mapping

Using easy configuration, you can "map" your Online Storage space to your computer, making it appear like another local hard drive whenever you are connected to the internet


Use your favourite FTP client to quickly upload and download files from your Storage allowance.

Web Browser

Using the browser of your choice, you can easily transfer files to and from your local machine to the Online Storage.

eessis® provide rapid response, professionalism and overall an excellent support experience. Let us prove our ability and bring that “Breath of fresh air” to your business!

Secure Online Data Storage

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